Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My day job

It's true that my blog is mostly devoted to my passion for designing jewelry and I've done a pretty good job of showcasing that side of my life. But it's hard for you to know who I am without knowing how I spend 8 hours of my day.
I trained for over 2 years to become an animator and for the last 10 years I've been working hard at it. They say that's how long it takes to become really good at this. I feel like everything I've learned so far has not only made me a better animator, but it's made me a good leader and a better person.
So here's some of my work. My friends are always complaining how they never get to see the stuff I'm working on. That's mostly because I'm under a non-disclosure not to show it, but this is my personal animation so this time, I'm allowed.
It's still pretty rough and there's some work to be done but hopefully I'll have time in the near future to polish it and make it pretty! Enjoy!


Hobo Divine said...

This is awesome!

But tell me Why did Edith marry Archie?!
And why hasn't anyone like Norman Lear made an animated feature?

Marie said...

I know, eh? Edith and Archie seem like they were born out of a cartoon. Isn't Carroll O'Conner dead now, though? I think Jean Stapleton might be too. Norman missed his window, I guess. What a meathead.