Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Garage Studio

Today the plumber and electrician are in to install what we need for the suite reno at our Sunshine Coast home. Progress! I love to see it. While they're at it, I'm having them install a hook-up for a sink in the garage under the suite so that eventually we can convert it to an art studio for my husband and me. We're not fussy about our cars so they can live in the driveway.
I've been thumbing through some magazines and looking on the web for great examples of what we could do with the space. The inside of our garage is already pretty immaculate (as far as garages go) so we just need to add some finishing touches to make it a comfortable and fun place to work.

no plumber butt here

Here are some pics I grabbed for inspiration.

this is similar to the size of our garage (hmm, i'll probably keep my porsche elsewhere)

way more than i could probably do, but i like the airiness of this space

something like this is more realistic, nice and bright with a little space to relax


lesley said...

love that last inspiration pic, looks cozy + comfy and you could make it a very inspirational place to work. yippee for progress!

Hobo Divine said...

If you're pinched for space I would be more than happy to store your Porsche for you.

Looks great you two... can't wait to see more!