Friday, August 7, 2009

Under the Sea

the wyatt sisters

This August long weekend my sister came out from Ontario to visit us at our Sunshine Coast cottage/cabin? (still having an identity crisis here). It was a hot one and the lake just wasn't cutting it so we decided to venture into uncharted waters and walk ourselves out to Daniel Point for a dip in the ocean.
We found a pretty little spot just off the rocks overlooking the hustle and bustle of Pender Harbour. The water was amazingly clear and warmer than I expected. We swam for a good couple of hours and returned the next day to the same spot, this time with our snorkel gear and an underwater camera to take a few pics of the starfish and marine life.
What a treat to be able to snorkel in BC! I love snorkeling but have only ever done it when I've gone somewhere hot on vacation. It inspired me to start looking for some marine themed artwork for our walls and while searching through Etsy, I came across this delightful shop.
I love her art style and colour palette. Very graphic and modern. She is a gifted artist and I've definitely found a new favourite! Oh yes, and she's Canadian! Points for that.
For more on Jessica Doyle, check out her website here.

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lesley said...

those are gorgeous. i love the last one especially...