Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We need your vote!

I've been staying late at work for the last few days and unfortunately my blog is one of many things that I've had little time for, but we got some exciting news today that I had to post about.
The game I worked on last year, Punch Out!!, has been nominated in the "best Wii game" category at this year's VGAs. I'm super stoked since our team put so much love into this project. It's been fantastic to read all the stellar reviews (especially the ones pertaining to animation!) and it would be great to cap off this amazing game with a VGA.
Now here's where you come in - the nominees will be judged according to how many votes from the public they receive. Each IP address gets only one vote, so sadly I can't stuff the ballot box ;)
But you can! To vote for Punch Out!! click here!!!
And thank you!

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