Monday, April 27, 2009


I stumbled across these pretty paper butterflies while lurking through my friends' Etsy favourites.
I believe they're meant for accenting scrapbooks or handmade cards but I think they look beautiful on their own.
Beach Cottage Studio has a number of them for sale here, along with many other beautiful paper pieces.

The paper wreaths at Haru are carefully crafted with an assortment of found paper, vintage sheet music and pages of English literature. Each one can be customized with a personal message. I like it as a modern alternative to something very traditional.

I've been eyeing these little birdies for awhile. Cotton Bird Designs creates beautiful, hand stitched paper and fabric sculptures. I love their assortment of vintage papers and cotton prints.

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lesley said...

great finds! i love that little birdie :) and the wreath would make a very pretty alternative to the christmas one currently dying on my front door [yes, it is still up, and it is almost may. sad.]