Thursday, April 16, 2009

Punch Out!! on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

Jimmy Fallon's guest last night was Morgan Webb, video game expert and host of G4 Underground.
During her interview(which was presided over by none other than Ice-t and Elmo) she demo'd the game that I've been working on for the last 1.5 years - Punch Out!! for the Nintendo Wii! I was stoked to see Jimmy Fallon swinging his arms around madly trying to avoid being hammered by King Hippo. Even more excited was I to see my animation play (check out minute 5:27 in the video) to a huge audience that include a muppet! A muppet watched my animation! Now c'mon, that's pretty damn cool.
This episode is just another in a long line of fantastic press that our game has been getting. I can't wait to hear what the masses have to say when it finally drops on May 18th!

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Hobo Divine said...

That is pretty damn cool!