Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spoiler alert!

If you haven't been keeping up with this season's episodes of Project Runway Canada, read no further.

If you have then you may have seen last night's episode where Brian Bailey visits the designers in their hometowns to get a sneak peak at their collections in progress. My husband and I were watching last night (Yes, that's right. Al loves Project Runway and I'm a lucky wife) and we were both shocked to see that one of the finalists comes from my little old hometown of Fergus, Ontario!
That's right, Jessica Biffi is a Fergusite. That's kinda like a parasite, only Scottish. Now I'll admit, I've been rooting for Sunny Fong to win this competition. His designs are consistently inspired and his construction is always spot on. But Jessica's been hot on his heels this entire competition and her collection for fashion week is looking pretty strong. And now that I know she's from Fergus I'm a little torn as to who I want to win. We'll have to see how they shape up on the runway!
If you already know who wins, please don't tell me!

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