Thursday, April 9, 2009

Home redecorating!

We bought our condo a couple years ago, our little 735 square foot slice of domestic bliss. We are fast outgrowing this space though and hope to sell and buy something bigger.
So in prep for selling, we're going to start redecorating. We've got some ambitious plans to help open up what is a small space, like removing the wall between the kitchen and living area and converting our den into a more sellable 2nd bedroom.
And that's the key - how can we make this condo more marketable in a market that's less than perfect? We're lucky we live in a very desirable neighbourhood so prices haven't dropped so much as they've plateaued. But still, with a glut of condos on the market in the foreseeable future, any edge we can get is good.
I've spent the last couple of weekends painting the bedroom this lovely Polar Sky. I can't seem to finish more than one wall at a time hence the need to stretch out this mini project over multiple weekends. Below is the colour scheme we've used for our home. Spring Rain in the living area, Ranchwood in the kitchen and Bittersweet Chocolate in the bathroom. We've used Cloud White for all doors and trim.
I didn't come to these colour choices all on my own. My friend Kas (who is also one half of Frost Collections) also runs a home decorating company called Cloud City. Kas is a genius with colour and she's going to do up the rest of our home renos real purty.

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lesley said...

nice palette, love the polar sky with all the mocha shades, so fresh. it'll look great!