Friday, May 22, 2009

Marie's cottage...

Our little piece of land - wow, real land!

Well, today my husband and I sealed the deal on a vacation property on the Sunshine Coast. We have been contemplating the idea of eventually moving up there on a permanent basis, but for the next few years we will be using it as our weekend getaway. A place to work on getting our creative juices flowing, to get back in touch with nature and most importantly, a quiet place we can enjoy spending time with our family, friends and each other.
It isn't all fun and games, though. These first few months are going to be busy ones as we take a dingy 2 bedroom suite above the garage and convert it into a stylish 1 bedroom vacation rental. Right now, there's no kitchen in the suite but our plans are to knock out a wall and convert the smaller bedroom into a cute little kitchen area. When that's all done and the suite is rented, we'll move on to the main house, where we'll be staying whenever we go up.
For a house built 30 years ago, it's in remarkably good shape and most of the updates are purely superficial, but there is some updating that needs to be done. I'm quite excited for this, actually. After watching so much HGTV, this kind of project is just the challenge I'm ripe to tackle. I've decided to chronicle the progress of our cottage revitalization here. This first set of photos was taken the day we first looked at the place. I will take more and post them as the redesign develops.

the view, oh the view.

kitchen's not too shabby.

this room has the most potential, but needs the most work.

brand new radiant heat tiles, no work needed here!


Steve said...

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lesley said...

Wahoo! can't wait to see more pics of the work-in-progress! congrats, guys :)

Pnut said...

What a cute place! Can't wait to see what you do to it.