Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Punch Out!! released for Wii!

That's right...it's out baby! After 15 years since the last version of this classic title released, I'm happy to say that our game is finally available for sale. The reviews so far have been fantastic (89 on Metacritic - woot woot!) but the real test comes now as the general public is allowed its rematch against fighters like King Hippo, Von Kaiser and how could we forget good old Glass Joe. I'm super stoked to get my hands on a copy today and play with friends. Ah, memories of my youth.
Wrap party for the game is tonight so I may partake in a drink or two, or three to celebrate!

On a side note, I found this scarf while surfing some other craft blogs - unfortunately it seems the shop that sells it is no longer in commission so I'd like to commission you or anyone you can recommend to make it for me! Email, twitter, or post a comment here if you're interested. I'd prefer any other Punch Out character to Mike Tyson though, since he's not in our version of the game.


lesley said...

hilarious scarf. proud of you for the game, you guys rocked it. d also says reviews have been phenomenal in first day. yahoo!

Pnut said...

Hmmm....if you could send me the images you wanted I could try to make it. It would probably take a while though if you're not in a rush for it.