Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Giveaway!

It's the beginning of a new month and as promised, we'll be giving away another lovely piece of jewelry from our business, Frost Collections.
This time it's something fresh and light, in honour of spring. Our Calm earrings are a simple but sophisticated accessory for a spring/summer wardrobe. They're made from mother of pearl and all findings are sterling silver, including the ear wires.

To enter simply leave a comment telling me which item from our Etsy or DaWanda shop you like most.
All qualifying entries will then be entered into a random draw for the earrings.
Once a winner has been picked, they will be contacted for shipping information and the earrings will be on their way to a new home.
This contest is open to everyone, this includes you international buyers!
The contest closes Tuesday night at 12am Pacific time so get your comments in before then!
Good luck everyone!


yuka said...

Very clever idea to create a contest like this:)
I love your "Dog Days Pendant Necklace" from your shop!!I will buy them one day:)
you can check out my shop as well and tell your best item..(not a contest!:)


Pnut said...

I love the West End Crow Pendant. It's one of my favourites. I wear it all the time!

m. said...

Thanks! I'm glad you like it! It's one of my favs too.

Gingham Skies said...

Hmmm, hard to choose just one! The Storm earrings are one of my favs. :)

Thanks for the chance!

GSharp said...


I'm working on saving you postage.. because I'm cool like that.

My favorite is the 'Like a bird on a wire' encaustic painting photography deal. It's a great photo! The Leonard Cohen reference is awesome as well, though k.d. lang does a much better version of the song.

Another thing I really like is the belt buckles. I'd definitely buy one if you inlaid some silver into the middle in various forms then poured the resin around it. I'm not really sure if that's how you make it but it's pretty wicked nevertheless.


CristinaTC said...

I love The littlest bird sings the prettiest song
i like that tittle.
im short and in choir
made me feel good :]

La Marquise des anges said...

I actually like your calm earrings a lot ... but your Printemps Pendant Necklace is juts gorgeous :

Since I've seen it on the fp, I can't tkae it off my head :)

jenn brisson said...

I love your '4 little crows all in a row'!

It's so weird cuz for the last year and a half(since my mom passed away) i've been wanting to get a tattoo of 4 crows in a tree(representing my family), but one of the crows would either be flying away or hovering above the other 3 looking down.

This one is sweet, Marie! Gave me shivers!

m. said...

Jenn, that is's nice imagery, though. maybe this means you should go ahead and get the tattoo!

Tiffany said...

It's so hard to pick! I think "Feeling Blue" is my top choice, though! Thanks for the contest!


Picchu Necklace

cstironkat said...

I like the Bliss Earrings

Heather said...

I adore the Black Star Earrings!

Mia said...

Lovely shop! Rainforest Earrings are so cute!:)

Deborah said...

I love the Calm Earrings and the Caribbean Earrings best. asthenight at gmail dot com

Sandra K321 said...

I like the bliss earrings.

carolasar said...

I really like the Rainforest Bracelet.Thanks