Monday, May 4, 2009

Press Kits

One of our goals for the business this year is to sell at 10 retail locations by the end of December. So far, we've made some contacts with b+m shops in the West End, Cambie neighborhood and Tofino and we already sell at Favourite in North Vancouver. One down, nine to go!
In preparation for this, we've been furiously working away at our press kits (which is funny that they're called that since we haven't actually had any press yet). But aside from that minor detail, it's come together nicely. We've included the following in our kits:

- Cover letter introducing ourselves and addressed to the potential buyer specifically
- An "about us" page, detailing our mission statement, inspiration and bio
- Line sheets for both our fine silver and encaustic collections that include photos, brief description, MSRP and wholesale prices for each piece
- A few full page pics of our work and ourselves for a more personal touch
- If we had any press, we would include a page for that as well ;)

I saved this out as a .pdf so that it can be emailed and opened easily. I debated whether to include our contracts and order forms in the press kit but thought better of it since it seemed a bit presumptuous. Better to let them see the artwork first without being pushed into reading the fine print.
We're sending our first one out this week so fingers crossed we get some orders out of it. Of course, we've already given the manager of the store a heads up that she can be expecting something from us. I wouldn't recommend sending a press kit without contacting the store first. That's a personal opinion- to me it just seems a bit pushy.
Here are a few pics from the kit. One day I'll figure out how to make a .pdf downloadable from my blog and you can see the whole thing. Until then...

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lesley said...

this looks awesome. love the aesthetic, clear, concise + pretty. [it's gotta be pretty!] i think you're definitely on the right track and stores would be foolish not to pick up your line. unique + gorgeous. well done! wanna do mine?