Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First weekend

Note to self : don't move furniture in sandals

This past weekend my hubby and I moved into the new cottage on the coast. It was amazing - though not without a few minor calamities. But aside from ripping out a big toenail, losing the key to the moving truck and nearly giving one of our two kitties a heart attack, things went rather smoothly. Anyway, there's nothing that relieves moving stress more than sitting on a huge sun soaked deck after a swim in a warm, crystal clear lake.
While we were up, we were able to see first hand the renos to the suite. Things are moving along quite nicely. The wall between the living room and what used to be the bedroom is now completely removed and the plumber and electrician were in today to rough out plans for the kitchen. I'm very excited with the progress that's been made. We also brought up a lot of furniture and now have beds for every bedroom in the main house which means we can start having guests right away!
But the most satisfying part of the weekend was seeing our 12 year old tabby's reaction to the new place. Leo had never been on a long car ride, never been on a ferry and had been an indoor cat for the last 5 years of his life. When we got him up to the cottage, we were a bit reluctant to let him "into the wild" for fear he might bolt after a stressful day of firsts in his life. But quite the opposite - he was more than content to meander about the tall grass in the garden and never wandered so far that we couldn't see him. I don't think I've seen him so happy. This is great because with all the time we want to spend up there, we'd hate to leave him behind. Which brings me to our other kitty, Smuckers. Poor Smuckers. We'd barely made it out of the parking garage when it became abundantly clear he was not going to survive the journey without busting a lung from the constant howling. So for now he stays behind. Perhaps a mild sedative is in order before we try that again (for me, not for the cat).

Leo in the tall grass

Look how happy he is...I mean, really...


lesley said...

yippee! i'm so excited for you guys! [sorry bout the toe...] love the leo pics, he does look rather content, like a real outdoors cat. who knew? can't wait to see your place.

m. said...

thanks lesley...yeah, leo's super stoked to be an outdoor kitty again. let's just hope he's curtailed his mouser days. i'm not too stoked about finding mouse bits at my front door.