Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ikea = Awesome

No really, I mean that. From a purely money conscious point of view, they really can't be beat. I couldn't find things off Craigslist for any cheaper. And I know we all have our complaints about the stupid allen keys and the extra screws leftover at the end of a frustrating 2 hour assembly session, but in a pinch their furniture will get you through. And it looks good.

Like this bed frame I bought for $119. Perfect for the shabby chic look I'm going for in the master bedroom. A similar queen bed frame was listed for $350, used. It was wrought iron, which would explain the cost diff, but I'm not interested in authenticity if it's going to weigh a ton and cost double. I'm too practical, I guess.
The bed is currently the only piece of furniture in the room, but I've been trying to source some accent pieces from various antique and thrift shops around town. On my list is an old steamer trunk, a small distressed white or cream chair and a pair of pretty little end tables.

I also like the look of this vintage chair. Could be really fresh with a coat of white paint on the legs.

The other big purchase from Ikea was our kitchen for the reno'd suite. I picked up a lovely set of cabinets, counter top, sink and fixtures for only $1500 after tax! Awesome.

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