Monday, July 20, 2009


ikea hemnes day bed

It was another work weekend up at the coast cabin.
This week's task included painting the living room. Dated wood paneling gave way to three coats of Benjamin Moore's Ivory Tusk. It is now a crisp, airy space that brings the beauty of the outside view into the room. It also accentuates the beautiful cedar ceiling and makes the space feel a lot more modern but still with that cottage feel.
We also bought a new sofa bed for the living room, replacing the one the previous owner had left behind (for good reason). I love this Ikea Hemnes daybed. It's a trundle that pulls out into a king and is oh so comfortable. Not to mention beautiful.
It was such a dramatic change from what we had before and only took a few hours to complete.
While my husband and I were busy painting, Kas and Nick were in the suite putting in the fir floors. They are gorgeous and feel great when walking on in bare feet. Very soft. Since the floors have gone in though, we've noticed the lodgepole pine we'd put up on the ceiling just isn't selling it like it used to. A white washed effect might be in order to mitigate the obvious difference in the quality of the wood we used.
That'll be something to try for next weekend!



fir floors

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