Thursday, August 20, 2009


Storm Bracelet

This week's been a bit slow on sales, but great on promotions.
Made it into two really beautiful treasuries this week, one of which made the front page.
This one is a fp contender too, I think.
I also received two convos on Etsy tonight, both to let me know that we've been featured on a couple of magazine/blogs.
The first one is called Creepy Queen and aims to spotlight the indie artist by providing free promotion. Their site leans towards goth inspired and alternative work. Appropriately, they've featured our Storm Bracelet and we were pleased to be introduced to a number of other really great artists in this particular list. We also thought it appropriate and coincidental that they should post "It was a Dark and Stormy Night" considering the evening my peeps in southwestern Ontario have had!
The second feature is on the front page of My Handmade Registry, a popular site where you can show off your wish list of handmade items you find online. Etsy's Storque blog featured them recently in its spring series "HANDMADE WEDDINGS". One of their members has chosen our Bard Owl pendant for their wishlist.
Thanks to everyone for the features! Now let's see if some of this generous promotion translates into some late summer sales!

Bard Owl Pendant


lesley said...

nice! all well-deserved mentions, your work is so gorgeous.

cabin + cub said...

cute owl! ;)