Friday, September 4, 2009

Bloggity Blog Blah Blah

I've had a serious case of blog neglect lately. Husband and I have both been feverishly working late nights and weekends, both at our day jobs and on our plans to move a tenant into our suite by October 1st. Plans got trashed when Al got called into work for all three days of this labour day long weekend (irony) so I'll be going up to the cabin on my own to interview some prospective renters and show them around the place.
Work has progressed well since my last post. The kitchen cabinets, counter top and appliances are in. The floor is down. All that's left is to tile the back splash, throw another coat of paint on the walls and doors and finish the nosing on the stairs. Phew...I'll be happy to get a tenant signed, then on to the next on my list:

1) finish organizing company bbq for this Friday
2) finish organizing best friend's shower for this Sunday
3) finish metal clay pendants in process, get them listed on Etsy and DaWanda

Kas and I managed to cross a big one of the list last weekend when we knocked out 60 small paintings in less than 8 hours. The paintings are party favours for each guest at Kas and Nick's wedding. They're getting married in Tofino so this is a perfectly appropriate gift as most of our pictures were taken in and around Tofino.
I may or may not get to post again this weekend (I'm hoping to get back into a more regular routine once the dust settles around here). If I don't post again, have a great labour day weekend!

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