Tuesday, September 8, 2009


While I was up at the cabin a few weeks ago, I dropped in on the FibreWorks gallery just outside of Madeira Park on the Sunshine Coast. I'd always admired it from the highway as the studio and workshops are contained in about 5 or 6 yurts. Yurts have always fascinated me. From the outside they appear to be little more than tents, but the insides can be customized for electric, plumbing and decked out in finishing touches you'd expect to find in a Yaletown condo. They're a brilliant alternative to mobile homes or even traditional builds, especially if you're looking to get something built quickly. A 28' yurt, for example, takes about 6 people and 4 hours to erect.
But of course, it's what was in the yurts that was of most interest. My good friend Linda Sharp was featured in their August exhibit and was showing some of her felt work. With in-laws in tow, I took a tour of their gallery and studio and was really impressed with the gorgeous work being shown. From intricately woven baskets to colourful scarves made of the softest yarns, everything in there was made by local artists and provided a great cross section of different mediums. There was so much beautiful texture and we were encouraged to handle the pieces (delicately!).
Linda's work was the highlight for me, though...here are some pics of her work, complete with that Linda whimsy we love her for.

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