Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A West Coast Wedding

Finally got some pics uploaded from Kas and Nick's wedding this past weekend. Tofino did not disappoint in providing the perfect setting and a perfectly sunny day for the bride and groom. Kas and Nick are very detail oriented people and it showed in their wedding. Guests were greeted to this 3 day event with gift bags full of handmade goods like pottery bowls, jewelry and organic garlic. The coolest part about these gift bags was that all the items inside were made by other guests at the wedding. What better way to bring people together than to share each others craft!
The reception was gorgeous, from the handpicked local greenery gracing the centerpieces to the delicate sea urchin salt and pepper shakers. Bits of sea glass collected over months gave the neutral table runners a hit of colour and each guests place setting was marked with a picture of themselves so you'd know where to sit. On the back of the chairs, handmade favour bags held yet another treat inside for each guest - a bag of almonds (the traditional favour), a compact fluorescent lightbulb (to represent the "green" factor of this wedding) and one of our encaustic paintings (a nod to support of everything handmade).
Indeed it was a picture perfect wedding...and not without some adventure. Turns out that as guests were enjoying the reception, an electrical fire was smoldering in the attic above. No more than an hour after we went to bed, we were awakened by the sound of the fire alarm and hurried footsteps pounding down the hallway. Thank God for a few friends who were still awake and able to bang on doors. Everyone got out safe and sound and the fire was out in about an hour. Now if that doesn't sober you out of a drunken wedding stupor, I don't know what will!

clockwise from top left: chalkboard name tags for children's play room, personalized place settings complete with my grade six photo, local greenery that's all native species, reception table, fine silver cufflinks for the groom, gift bag contents including handmade goods from other guests (and a signed copy of David Suzuki's Tree!)


lesley said...

wow, gorgeous! of course i should have expected nothing less ;) i love all the details, the chalkboards, the photo place tags, local greenery. wow. i need mor pics!

Claire said...

Love all the pretty, eco-friendly & handmade details =)