Thursday, February 11, 2010

#3 - Installation

much more interesting than underwear shopping

Tomorrow the opening ceremonies will take place and so it is that the tourists have landed en masse. They're kind of an installation in their own right, not difficult to distinguish from the usually under-showy with their patriotism Vancouverites.
There are lots of new and sometimes wacky art installations too, popping up all over the place. Today I headed down to the Granville mall (I was actually meaning to buy underwear at the Bay) but I got sidetracked by this.

Lots of interesting things to see and I had to jockey for position to shoot a lot of these pieces.
The photos were taken along a one block strip of the city but there is so much more to be seen and you don't have to look hard. I haven't photographed it yet, but the interactive light show at Sunset beach is by far the best in my opinion. More on that when I get the photos.

Oh yes - I also saw the torch go through our neighbourhood tonight. Got some good pics there too so I'll post those soon.

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