Sunday, February 14, 2010

#5 - Protest

The riot squad was a tip off that something big was headed our way. Within minutes, we could hear shouting and cheering from outside our studio at Cambie and Robson.

It was a protest organized by the Anti-Poverty committee, but once we were down in the thick of it, we could see virtually every cause in the world well represented. From "Jesus died for your sins" to "Stop the Alberta Tar Sands!", this seemed less of an Olympic protest and more of an opportunity seize the world media spotlight.

It lasted only a few minutes at its terminus of BC Place before police, eager to get waiting athletes to the opening ceremonies, broke it up and cleared the intersection. This day's protest was much more peaceful than yesterday's, where apparently some balaclava wearing "protesters" smashed windows at the Bay downtown.
Ah yes, democracy in action.

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