Monday, March 1, 2010

# 9 - Celebration

It was a perfect ending to an imperfect (but still amazing) winter games. Canada showed the rest of the world that we aren't a bunch of doormats so don't wipe your feet on us when we welcome you to our country. Please and thank you.
We trounced the rest of the world in gold medals, breaking a record for the most won at a winter games and a host country. We broke our own record for total medals won at a winter games.
And oh yes, we beat the good ole' U.S.A in a nail biting OT hockey win that sent this city into a frenzy of high fives, horn honking and WOOOOOhOOOOOOOO's!
If you weren't a fan of the Olympics before, you almost certainly will be now. At least if you live in Canada. And at least for the next few days before the party buzz wears off. What comes next is uncertain. The games have a legacy of lifting their host cities to superstar status but sometimes the come down can be rough. Witness another Canadian host city, Montreal in '76.
But for now, nobody's thinking about it. We just want to revel awhile longer and bask in the glow of what many are saying could be the most successful games ever. Pat yourself on the back, Vancouver. Well done.

...and as the vancouver olympics come to a close, the moon rises over the city, a gold medal in the sky for a gold medal country.


maureens-haus said...

Congratulations to Vancouver and the Canadiens! Well done! I am from Switzerland but my daughter Sophie lives in Vancouver since 4 years. She is a goldsmith and a jewelry designer two! I saw your beautiful things in your DaWanda Shop! So I found your interesting blog! It was pure chance!
I wish you good luck and success with your handmade art! Have a nice weekend and I think it's very quiet now, because the games are overnow!
Greetings from Berne, Switzerland

Marie Wyatt said...

Hi Eveline! Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by. It's true, it's much quieter around here now that the games are over. Kinda sad, but at the same time I think everyone here is breathing a sigh of relief. We're exhausted!
Does your daughter have a website? I always love to check out the local talent!

maureens-haus said...

Hi Marie! I was very pleased about your answer! No, my daughter doesn't have a website. She's more a visual artist ;-) Fortunately she has an e-mail adress, so I can show her your beautiful blog! She wants to buy now a laptop at last ;-) !! And of course I often make a phone to her.
Enjoy your weekend...