Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I want to paint this.

It's 10:30pm and I'm at work. As I sit here I occasionally flipping between programs, I catch a glimpse of the image I set to my desktop.

I've been encouraged to start painting again. Real deal painting, brushes, messy paints and everything. I'm thinking this photo I took last week would be a good candidate to get me back into what has become my "lost art".


merci33 said...

I arrived at your site by following a link on Lawren artist whose work I am just being introduced to.

I love your road trip gorgeous landscape.

I wish you well on returning to 'real deal painting'...after a ten week break with a broken arm I'm getting ready to go back into the studio this exciting, and unnerving..."messy paints and everything" ;-)
can't wait!

Good luck with your reentry!!

Red Spotted Patch said...

I highly recommend Kromo paints, (Artist paints made by artists). Great pigments and they don't get clumpy. Their shop is located on Grandville Island, on the outside of the net loft, west side. I love the the glass jars, a little more pricey but you can scoop what ever you don't use back into them (I hate that I can't do that with a tube). Than when you've used up all the paint you can recycle the jar!I love that.
Happy painting!

Marie Wyatt said...

oooh, paint in jars - i like. i've been in the kromo shop a few times to browse. next time i'll buy.
thanks for the well wishes, merci33. i hope your arm has healed well!