Monday, August 2, 2010

Road trip!

My husband and I hadn't had a vacation together since our honeymoon. 3 years ago. Our schedules are somewhat demanding, I suppose, but there's no excuse for that. Fortunately the stars aligned this past week and we were able to book some days off together for an anniversary getaway road trip to the Rocky Mountains.




we started off the trip with two days at our friend's annual ranch party in Princeton...thanks Birmingham family!

from there it was on to Osoyoos, Canada's only pocket desert, for some hiking, jetskiing and sunbathing in 38 degree heat.

this is one of the most stunning places in the country, in my opinion. just outside of Waterton Lakes National Park.

the prairies meet the Rockies in the most immediate and dramatic way.

at Waterton Lake. what a great opportunity to try out my new sigma 10-20mm.

the best way to see the Rockies? on a forestry service road, of course! no traffic, no tourists, lots of spectacular views.

that's not to say we didn't indulge ourselves by visiting some of the old tourist standards. Moraine Lake, Alberta.

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